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PHAREX HealthCare currently engages in multiple programs and advocacies geared towards helping improving the health of Filipinos through education and information dissemination.

PHAREX Economix

PHAREX recently renewed its long-standing commitment to help ailing Filipinos through hard times with the launch of its advocacy program, PHAREX Economix.

PHAREX Economix aspires to help hard-working Pinoys by providing superb healthcare options at superb prices – notably almost less than 50% the cost of its counterparts.

PHAREX: 20 Years

PHAREX extends it commitment in contributing to the welfare of underprivileged Filipinos through a number of partnerships and scholarships, such as the PHAREX Community MD Scholarship Program and the Ambassadors-Medical Specialists to Filipino Communities Project.

The PHAREX Community MD Scholarship Program, in conjunction with the UP Manila School of Health Sciences, benefits deserving certified Community Health Workers and Registered Nurses aspiring to complete their medical degrees. Under the Ambassadors-Medical Specialists to Filipino Communities Project, PHAREX undertakes the funding of scholarships of three subspecialty fellows of the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) interested in enrolling in the Pediatric Infectious Diseases, OB Oncology, and IM Endocrinology subspecialties. The scholarships allow PHAREX to give back to the medical community and to the nation in general since scholars are requested to serve their communities upon completion of training, guaranteeing that the medical needs of underserved Filipinos will be cared for.