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PHAREX MED.I.C.S. stands for PHAREX MEDical
Information and Communication Services.  This
service-oriented program was designed to assist
doctors in their information needs for them to be
updated with the latest issues in medicine.

What makes PHAREX MED.I.C.S. stand out from among the other similar initiatives is the fact that all information provided are disease-related and not product-focused. It runs under the premise that the wat to partner with the medical community is to provide something they really need and not something the company wants them to need. It is an honest-to-goodness service devoid of bias and pretense.

Giving medical information with a smile and a handshake.

Consistent with our company's thrust for excellent service, we moved even one step higher by tapping our MRs to be the main conduit of information – so that it can be delivered right at the clinic's doorstep.  Doctors encounter more than a hundred medreps each week and spend approximately 30 minutes each day talking to them or entertaining them.  It is PHAREX's aim to make your encounter with our reps as worthwhile and as fruitful as possible by arming them with information you need or might need in the future.

What kind of information should you expect?


These three adjectives basically sum up the type of information PHAREX MED.I.C.S. provide.  An Editorial Board of Medical Consultants ensures the quality of the information and verify its relevance and reliability.  To further boost the MD confidence, PHAREX also partnered with prestigious international and local providers like the CMP United Business Media and Medical Observer to further solidify the program.

The MED.I.C.S. initiative is not merely the provision of monthly medical articles but also the partnerships with medical societies and hospital departments in conducting both medical and non-medical lectures, clinico-pathologic conferences and round table discussions.  In addition, PHAREX CyberMedics was put up to meet the learning needs for basic computer programs and maximizing the potential of the Internet.

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