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Takbuhan sa Katagalugan 2010

Pharex HealthCorp PR Department
October 21, 2010

PCS-STC: Kahanga-hangang Takbuhan sa Katagalugan 2010

May 20, 2010 - Tagaytay Highlands

KAHANGA-HANGA TALAGA!:  The participants representing the various institutions and chapters.

For the first time in the history of the Southern Tagalog Chapter, the PCS Midyear convention was held in the picturesque city of Tagaytay last May 20-22, 2010 at the Taal Vista Hotel.  Many interesting and pleasurable activities for the delegates and their families coming from all over the country was prepared and one of the main events is the Amazing Race which was participated in by the PCS fellows and residents in training.  Like the original race, two-member teams representing the various chapters and institutions with training programs competed around the hilly tracks of the Tagaytay Highlands.

ITS ALL ABOUT COOPERATION:   Upper left: Direk Deo giving instructions, Upper right: The Amazing Race hosts welcoming the participants, Lower images: Some of the participants in one of the event's activities.

PHAREX Healthcorp. was again tapped as the sole sponsor for this sport activity after the success of the very 1st PCS Amazing Race in 2009 which was Lumba sa CDO .  This year’s Amazing Race theme is: " PCS-STC: Kahanga-hangang Takbuhan sa Katagalugan 2010”, consistent with this year’s host Chapter’s dialect which is Tagalog.  This time, the games were tougher with more twists from “fear factor” challenges.

FISHING'S NEVER BEEN THIS FRUSTRATING:  Some of the participants try to lure in a catch, did they get one?

Winners of the Race were awarded their Trophies and Cash prizes during the PCS Fellowship Night by PCS National President Sixto Siguan, PCS President Dr. Bong Buno and Immediate Past President Dr. Emmanuel Diaz together with PHAREX APMs Jeff de Guzman and Lenchie Orayani.  3rd Placers were Dr. Ian Alpajaro and Dr. Edmond Orlina of Univerity of Santo Tomas Hospital, 2nd placers were Dr. Kirby Navarette and Dr. Marlon Martinez also of University of Santo Tomas Hospital and the 1st placers were Dr. JP Regala and Dr. Norlan Narceda of  UMC-La Salle.

Featured products for this event are PHAREX Ofloxacin, PHAREX Ciprofloxacin, PHAREX Celecoxib and PHAREX Meloxicam.

A RACE WITH A CATCH:  Each participant is paired with a team mate whose leg is tied to the participant's opposite leg, the team mate is blindfolded by the way.

JOINING THE PIECES:  Upper left: The representatives of Pharex Health Corp, Upper right: The hosts of Taal Vista Hotel welcoming the participants, Lower left: One of the participants tries to figure out the puzzle, Lower right: Trying to read the instructions before proceeding with an activity, Center: The completed puzzle of Pharex Health Corp.

THE 3-DAY FELLOWSHIP ENDS:  Some of the participants along with the Taal Vista Hotel hosts.

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