Secrets To Slow Aging 4 Tips To Keep Adults Healthy And Active Min

Secrets to Slow Aging – 4 Tips to Keep Adults Healthy and Active

​Aging is a normal process of life. The obvious wrinkles and grayish-white hair is always a giveaway. It manifests in the whole body. The vital organs, cells, and living tissues may lose function in a fairly advanced age.

Go For A Healthier You With A Balanced Diet Min

Go for a healthier you with a balanced diet

​Because it’s the start of the year and summer will soon be upon us, many of you may be thinking of ways on how to lose the pounds gained over the past month. Aside from doing exercises, going on a diet is one of the first things that come to mind when you want to lose weight.

Sore Throat Alert Min

Sore Throat Alert

Sore throat is common, especially during the cold season. It is usually a symptom of cold, flu, laryngitis or tonsillitis. Sore throat resolves spontaneously within a few days. However, what if your throat still feels swollen, itchy and scratchy even after a week?


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