Sore Throat Matters A Basic Qanda

Sore Throat Matters: A Basic Q&A

​January is known to be the coolest month in the Philippines, with average temperatures at 25° across the archipelago. In the mountains of Baguio, however, temperatures in January can range from 15° to 23°, especially from November to February. During these colder months, a rise in cases of common colds, fever and sore throat often occur.

10 Food And Supplements That Help Reduce Cholesterol

10 Food & Supplements That Help Reduce Cholesterol

​For any celebration, the star is always the sumptuous and lavish buffet spread. Everything that could possible tickle your taste buds can be found: most tender lechon, the tastiest salpicao, richest paella, freshest shrimps and crabs, smoothest leche flan, the list could go on and on. But too much of a good thing is not necessarily good for you, especially when cholesterol is already an issue.

Anti Inflammatory Diet Doctors Can Recommend To Their Patients

Anti-Inflammatory Diet Doctors Can Recommend to their Patients

The holidays are done and we must now face real life. The first order of business is to check whether we overindulged on our diet of lechon, chicharon, sweets, and other dishes that trigger inflammation, which can lead to allergies, arthritis, asthma, gout, heart disease and other illnesses.


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