10 Ways to Prepare for Pain After Surgery

August 02, 2021

10 Ways To Prepare For Pain After Surgery

Most patients feel apprehensive and concerned about pain after surgery. Whether you’re having surgery for the first time or not, pain can still be a cause of concern. The good news is that these fears are normal, and can be often minimized and addressed.


With proper preparation, post-operative pain can be managed effectively with the help of your doctor. Here are ways to prepare:

  1. Talk to your doctor about previous pain management experience
  2. Make a list of your medications
  3. Be honest about alcohol and drug use
  4. Ask how much pain to expect and the duration of pain
  5. Talk about any chronic pain you might be experiencing
  6. Learn about possible side effects of pain medication and what can be done
  7. Make a checklist of what should be prepared when you go home
  8. Set a medication schedule and stick to it
  9. Be honest about your pain with your doctors and nurses
  10. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and follow up

There are numerous strategies to manage post-operative pain including combining medications, intravenous medications or using patient-controlled analgesia. Honesty and a thorough background of your history will help your doctor determine the best means to speed healing and minimize complications.