3 Ways to Beat Nerve Problems This Oktoberfest

May 23, 2022

3 Ways To Beat Nerve Problems This Oktoberfest

“Ready ka na ba mag-Oktoberfest?”


As if we Filipinos need another reason to drink, along comes the world’s most popular beer festival. Oktoberfest, which started in Munich, Germany, has been celebrated in the Philippines for quite some time now, complete with the customary pork, chicken and, of course, beer!


But just like any occasion where liquor and fatty foods are free-flowing, Oktoberfest can exact a heavy toll on your body if you’re not careful. In fact, there is one serious health problem you should be concerned about.


Excessive drinking can cause alcoholic neuropathy


Face facts: alcohol is toxic to the body’s nerve tissues. So, if you like your liquor a little too much, you might develop what is called alcoholic neuropathy or severe nerve damage due to alcohol.


Here are signs you might have this health problem:


  • decreased sensation in hands and feet
  • burning pain
  • numbness o pamamanhid
  • prickly sensations o pamimitig
  • muscle weakness at pangangalay
  • muscle cramps o pulikat
  • muscle spasm o lamig
  • movement problems
  • incontinence o madalas na pag-ihi
  • constipation o hirap sa pagdumi
  • LBM o diarrhea
  • sexual dysfunction


Warning:  If left unaddressed, alcoholic neuropathy can be debilitating! Extensive, permanent nerve damage means hindi ka na makakagalaw ng maayos at hirap nang gamitin ang mga kamay, daliri, paa at binti!


So, how do you avoid alcoholic neuropathy? Here are 3 ways to protect yourself:


Easyhan mo ang pag-inom!


If you’re going to a party, limit the number of glasses (or bottles) of liquor you plan on drinking. Have a friend tag along to remind you, “Hoy, tama ka na!”


Don’t keep alcohol at home. The less temptations, the better!


If you’re so determined, why not have “Hindi Ako Iinom” days? Designate a week or a month where you abstain from drinking. Sure, it’s going to be hard but it’ll put you on the path towards a healthier you.


Seryosohin ang balanced diet


This is a no-brainer: healthy amounts of fruits and vegetables can help counteract the effects of toxins in the body.


Thinking of quitting? The vitamins and minerals from these foods can help manage the side effects of alcohol withdrawal.


Uminom ng B Complex vitamins


Studies have shown that vitamin B is good for the peripheral nervous system, as they promote regeneration and nerve function recovery.


Moreover, vitamin B1, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 help prevent nerve glitch or mas kilala bilang ngalay, nginig, pamamanhid at pamimitig. As a bonus, these B vitamins help reduce severe hangover symptoms as well.


As always, consult your doctor before taking any medication or making changes to your lifestyle.


To be safe, have yourself checked if you exhibit many of the symptoms associated with alcoholic neuropathy. Because the earlier you detect it, the easier it is to minimize the damage and the better for your recovery.