5 Nerve Care Tips When Binge-Watching Your Favorite Telenovelas or Filipino Films

May 23, 2022

5 Nerve Care Tips When Binge Watching Your Favorite Telenovelas Or Filipino Films Min

At a time when creativity can be freely expressed through TV shows and films, there are just too many interesting shows and movies to watch now, but it’s hard to keep up with all of them because of busy schedules! So, many would just opt to wait for the release of all episodes so they could binge-watch their favorite series during their free time.

Binge-watching is an activity where a person watches several episodes or movies in one sitting. Staying tuned to all teleseryes in the primetime slot can also be considered binge-watching.

Given these situations, binge-watching is something that is becoming increasingly popular, as noted by Professor Hiroyasu Iso from Osaka University. [1] We know how much you’d love to just watch your favorite Pinoy or K-drama actors the whole weekend, but did you know that keeping this habit can affect your health negatively?

When you’re watching your favorite shows on TV or your smartphone, you are not engaged in any physical activity for a long time. Binge-watching is considered as part of a sedentary lifestyle, which is a type of lifestyle where the person does not do regular amounts of physical activity. [2] Studies have shown the following to be the health risks that come with a sedentary lifestyle[3]:

  • Obesity
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Overall mortality
  • Diabetes
  • Mental health complications
  • Muscle and bone degeneration
  • Nerve damage

But this article will focus more on nerve damage. You must have heard of the phrase, “Too much TV rots your brain.” Unfortunately, there’s a certain truth to it, especially if you pair it with a sedentary lifestyle. In neuroimaging research done in 2012, results showed that excessive screen time brings damage to the brain. [4]

According to their research, the part of the brain that connects networks from the brain to the body and vice versa was affected by the participants’ overexposure to television. This has slowed down the transfer of information through the nerves, thus causing erratic glitches on some movements. [4]

In similar research done at the Northern California Institute for Research and Education, the 25-year long study has shown that the participants who had a high television viewing and low physical activity displayed poor cognitive function. They had slower processing speed and worse executive function, which is the ability to plan and complete tasks. [5]

Then again, there’s no way you will stop binge-watching your favorite shows. It could be your way of taking a break from all the stress from work or life, in general. So, listed below are some tips in taking care of your nerves and body during binge-watch sessions!

  • Move around during commercial breaks[6]
  • Watch while doing household chores[7]
  • Watch your shows while you’re traveling to and from work
  • Do light exercises while watching[3]
  • Consider taking Vitamin B-complex supplements

Take that chance to stand up and do something else, like cooking, drinking water, checking on your pets or simply walking around the house.

Many of us don’t like doing household chores. Make it more fun by turning on your TV or device while fulfilling your routine! You can iron clothes, fold clothes or sweep the floor as you cry at a dramatic scene. Just be careful not to burn your clothes!

When you commute to work, you make a lot of movements. So while you’re waiting in line for the MRT, grab that chance to watch videos on your phone. Some streaming apps have a download feature, which is super convenient!

Research has found that breaking up light activities or exercises throughout the day can help improve your health. So why not do it while watching your shows? Light squatting, jogging in place or light stretching may be enough as long as it keeps you moving.

When it comes to nerve care, you can’t go wrong with trying out vitamin B supplement benefits. Just like Pharex B-Complex, which is composed of Vitamins B1, B6, and B12. These essential vitamins work together to help your body maintain healthy nerves and prevent nerve glitch as you start your journey on breaking away from the sedentary lifestyle. What’s even better is that you can get these vitamin B benefits for only Php 4.25 SRP a day! Of course, it is still best if you consult your physician regarding the prescription.

There you have it! No one’s stopping you from enjoying a full day of catching up with your favorite series and movies. But don’t forget to apply our tips to keep a healthy body!


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