May 23, 2022

5 Tipid Hacks For The Working Ladies Min

Let us face it; it is tough to be a practical woman with all the temptations everywhere. “Why aren’t the items on sale running out? Why do these stores keep releasing cute outfits? Hey, my favorite milk tea place just opened a branch nearby! Oh my gosh, is that a new lipstick shade?”


We are bombarded with marketing advertisements wherever we go every day, so it is not really surprising for us, especially the ladies, to make impulse purchases after seeing these ads. Who wouldn’t be tempted to buy the new dish from our favorite dessert place?


Let us not forget the more essential part – the bills and expenses! Electricity, water, rent, even our entertainment app subscriptions, transport fees, and groceries. Aside from what we give to our parents, these expenses take up majority of our budget. Now, take a look at how much money is left in your payroll account. Does it make you happy? Especially if you live paycheck-to-paycheck.


Quoting Netflix personality, Marie Kondo, “Keep those that spark joy.” So, in this article we will be giving you a few budget tips to help you have a bank account that sparks joy!


  • Use a budget app
  • Start an emergency fund
  • Use public transport
  • Learn how to cook
  • Invest in cost-efficient beauty products


There are many available money saving apps to help track your finances. They show you how much you have already spent, where you have spent it, and how much money you still have left. Some apps can also suggest ways on how to save your remaining balance.


Still, as mentioned by Esquire Magazine in an article, finding the best money management app can be as tricky as managing money itself. With all the thousands of apps available on the internet, it can get quite overwhelming, so make sure to do your research about these apps, like reading the reviews.[1] And once you have chosen the app that you think is more helpful to you, you’ve got to try living within your budget and put more savings in your bank!


Speaking of apps, uninstall those shopping apps too. The shopping convenience these apps give will only tempt you to make more unnecessary purchases that will hurt your budget. Will these impulse purchases spark joy? Maybe, for a while. But in the long run, no. So, stick to your budget app and stay away from shopping apps!


One factor that should be included in our budget is the emergency fund. Emergencies – from a knee gash to health problems – happen. As stated in the Murphy’s Law, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” 2 In this life full of the unexpected, the best thing to deal with it is to be ready. For this, we need to allot a fund for emergency expenses.


The Vanguard Group defined emergency fund as a stash of money set aside to cover financial surprises. And these can be quite costly.3 If you still cannot afford to open a bank account for this, there is one easy way to set an emergency fund. And that is the popular 52-Week Money Challenge.


This money challenge involves keeping small amounts of cash weekly until you complete the challenge’s duration. 4 You can start small by putting in coins then gradually add larger bills as the weeks go by. At the end of the challenge, you can save up to 140,000 PHP! That is a great amount for an emergency fund, isn’t it?


Indeed, the thought of going to work without having to push our way into a crowd of transport warriors just to get into the train or bus is tempting. This is why more people are patronizing ride hailing apps or purchasing their own cars.


Then again, think of how much you will get to save if you just commute to work. The discomfort is just a small price to pay since the money you could have saved from commuting can be invested for your emergency fund or your travel fund! 5



We often say that it is alright to splurge on food, especially when we are stressed and in need of our comfort food. And really, there is nothing wrong with it, as long as we spend on it occasionally. Preparing our baon every day can feel like a chore, but you can save a lot more money when you plan your everyday meals instead of just buying at fast food joints. Not just that; you also get to control the number of calories in the food you prepare to keep yourself healthy! 6



Over the past years, Filipinos have been obsessed with skincare products, particularly after becoming exposed to popular Korean dramas with Korean actresses with youthful, glowing skin.7 Moreover, Filipinos have this notion that high quality comes with a price, so many of us tend to patronize the more expensive products only to put them away once we realize they do not complement our skin.


Say no to tiis-ganda! We have a convenient and cost-efficient solution for you: Pharex E!


Pharex E is a soft gel capsule that is used for the treatment and prevention of vitamin E deficiency. You will get the vitamin E benefits for the skin in one capsule, and for an affordable price! Depending on your doctor’s prescription, it will only take 8.50 PHP a day to protect your skin from damage and premature aging with the help of this vitamin E supplement.


Always remember that when it comes to money and future, think long-term! And you will become adulting goals in no time!




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