5 ways to make distance learning safe for your child

May 23, 2022

5 Ways To Make Distance Learning Safe For Your Child Min

The pandemic has affected just about every industry you could think of. In the blink of an eye, schools had to shut their doors, and students were asked to learn from home through various methods in order to prevent them from going out and being exposed to the virus. [1]

As both public and private schools are faced with the challenge of providing learning opportunities for all students at a distance, parents are called on to be more involved than ever before. [1]

Childhood is all about adjustments, transitions, and non-stop learning. Distance learning may be difficult for both parent and child in the beginning, but as it progresses, it is important that your child gets the most out of it. [2]

Here are 5 ways to make distance learning safe for your child this school year, under the new normal:

Dedicate a space for learning

Make sure that your child’s learning area is not the same as to where they play games or watch television. Your child can achieve their best work in a quiet, comfortable, and dedicated space devoted to learning. It’s also important to watch out for any orthopedic issues that may arise related to comfort and posture. [3]

Always observe

Monitor your child’s levels of interest and engagement. Check if they are following along with the lesson and if they are taking notes or zoning out. It’s also important that you ask questions at the end of a session to confirm that they are, indeed, learning. [3]

Schedule and take breaks

Always have time off the screen—whether it be a simple breather, hands-on learning, or meal breaks! [4]

Be mindful of distractions

Turn off notifications for other devices; limit their time on apps. Once you have designated a space in your house for their learning, try to eliminate as many distractions as possible so they can easily focus on their school work. [4]

Protect their privacy

This can be a handful but this is for the best. Increased access online brings heightened risks for children’s safety, protection, and privacy. Make sure to educate your child as to how the internet works, what they need to be wary of, and what appropriate behavior looks like on the platforms they use, such as video calls.

Create a rule on how, when, and where the internet can be used and set up parental controls on their devices to mitigate online risks, particularly for younger children. [5]

This school year under the new normal will be different but the most important tip is to have fun! Make this a memory that you and your child will look back on with fondness once the doors are open and they can return to their schools.


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