5 Ways to Prevent Diabetes

May 23, 2022

Diabetes Prevention

Diabetes can be prevented, up to a certain degree. To this date, the cause of Type 1 Diabetes is still unknown, though doctors attribute Type 1 to genetic susceptibility and environmental factors. Hence, there is no prevention for this type of diabetes.

However, prevention for Type 2 Diabetes - the most common type of diabetes - is entirely possible. It becomes especially important if you are pre-diabetic or if you possess risk factors, such as obesity and/or a family history of diabetes.


Here are tips to prevent Type 2 diabetes through lifestyle changes:

  1. Eat healthy food
    Avoid food that is high in fat, and make sure to include a generous amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Make sure to vary food choices and research creative recipes so healthy eating doesn’t become a passing phase.
  2. Get more physical activity
    Aim for at least thirty minutes of physical activity each day. Research shows that aerobic exercise and resistance training can help control diabetes.
  3. Go for whole grains
    On your next grocery trip, when selecting bread, pasta, rice or cereals, go for whole grains. Whole grains may reduce your risk of diabetes and help maintain blood sugar levels.
  4. Lose excess pounds
    Being overweight puts you at risk for diabetes. Aim for a permanent lifestyle change and motivate yourself by remembering that losing even just 7 percent of your body weight can already reduce the risk of diabetes.
  5. Get plenty of fiber
    Fiber helps lower your risk of heart disease, improves blood sugar control and helps you avoid overeating by making you feel full. High fiber foods include fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds.