8 quick morning stretches you can do before your job interview

May 23, 2022

8 Morning Stretches You Can Do Before Your Job Interview Min

As you get closer to the day of your job interview, it’s natural to feel pressured and stressed.  Fortunately, there is something you can do to relieve the tension and boost your brain function at the same time—stretching.


Stretching promotes the secretion of endorphins, a hormone your brain secretes to make you feel good. Aside from keeping your body in good shape, regular physical activity can also help boost your mood and can help increase your self-confidence.[1]


However, you might think that with your busy schedules, squeezing in a workout routine may seem so impossible. So, we have prepared these short, easy exercises that would not take too much of your time.


1. Cat stretch

While you are still in bed, lie on your stomach and using both of your hands as support, tuck your elbows near your sides, and slowly lift your neck and chest upwards. Make sure to keep your hips on your bed. Hold this pose for 15-20 seconds then gently lower yourself down.


If you still feel the need to stretch further, try to raise your tummy area too.


2. The Knee Hugger

While lying on your back, lift one knee up to your chest and lock it in place with your arms and hands for at least 15 seconds. As you go, you can feel some tension release in your lower back. Repeat this step with your other leg.


3. Reach For The Sky

Sit at the edge of your bed and straighten your back. Clasp your hands together and reach high up into the air. Keep this position for 10 seconds or until you feel pressure relief on your shoulders.


4. Neck Stretch

Lean your neck to the side and hold the tip of your head to keep it from moving. Do this for five seconds then repeat the step on the other side.


5. Head Rotation

Maintain good sitting posture, then slowly rotate your head clockwise. After 10 seconds, rotate your head in the other direction. Doing so decreases neck pains from your sleeping position which can hamper you throughout the day.


6. Shoulder stretch

Relieve the tension on your shoulder, then extend your arm to the other side. Use your other arm to lock it in place for at least 10 seconds. Repeat the step with the other arm.


7. Torso Twist

Stand up straight and keep your feet apart. Keep your shoulders down and bend your elbows slightly. Then, twist your upper body side to side for at least 15 seconds. This exercise aims to relieve pain in your lower back area.


8. The Wall Pusher

Place both of your hands on a wall, have one of your legs step back, then gently push your heel towards the ground. Imagine yourself if you are pushing the wall, but instead of putting the pressure on your arms, you put it in your heels.


The last thing you will want the morning before your interview is a stressed mind and a sore body. So, incorporating these stretches in your daily routine can go a long way in relieving you of your stiffness and tension, and help prepare you for the tasks ahead.[2]




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