8 Ways to Prevent Stomach Ulcers

May 23, 2022

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While usually not serious, stomach ulcers can be painful and uncomfortable. Mahirap kumain pag nakakaranas ng burning pain sa tiyan. There are other symptoms which can hinder daily activities as well, such as: nausea, feeling of bloating at paghihina.

While the direct cause of stomach ulcers is not clear, lifestyle changes can be made para maiwasan ang ulcers. Here are eight tips to prevent stomach ulcers from recurring often:

  1. Eat healthy food - fruits, vegetables and whole grains
  2. Avoid food that irritates your stomach - madalas ito ay spicy, citrus and fatty food
  3. Stop smoking
  4. Manage your stress levels
  5. Regular exercise
  6. Washing hands frequently to avoid infections
  7. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages
  8. Avoid mixing alcohol and medication