Ba’t ka nagka-UTI? Bad Hygiene Might be the Culprit!

May 23, 2022

Uti Bad Hygiene

Urinary tract infection, more commonly known as UTI, happens when bacteria enters the urethra and travels to your bladder. Dahil dito, nagkakaroon ng infection sa bladder. This infection can also spread to the kidneys.To those who’ve experienced UTI before, nakaka-hassle talaga. It can also cause pain or a burning sensation when you pee. However, did you know that good hygiene habits can prevent future UTI? Here’s a checklist to see how your hygiene standards keep up:

1. Change your bath time habits

Choose to shower instead of bathing in a bathtub. After using the bathroom, wipe front to back instead of the other way around. These little changes can help a great deal in preventing the spread of bacteria.

2. When your OOTDs matter

If you’re a fan of skinny jeans, give it a rest every now and then. Avoid tight-fitting clothing and choose cotton material for your underwear. Lastly, be sure to change it at least once a day!

3. Keep it simple

Avoid using feminine hygiene sprays, powders, bath oils, or anything with perfume. Choose sanitary pads instead of tampons, and be sure to change them every time you use the bathroom.

4. Stay fresh

Keep bacteria away by keeping your private area clean at all times. Bring feminine wipes with you at all times, and be sure to use it after using the bathroom and after having sex. It also helps to pee after intercourse.

5. Use the toilet often

‘Wag na pigilan. If you need to pee, don’t hold it. Releasing your pee also means releasing the bacteria present. Holding it gives the bacteria the opportunity to develop into an infection.

6. Rehydrate!

Did you know that water can help flush your urinary tract? Make sure you drink lots of fluids. Drinking cranberry juice is also a well-known and natural way to help prevent UTI. It can also help speed up the recovery if you suffer from an infection.