BREAKING: Latest Developments on Diabetes

August 02, 2021

Diabetes Latest Developments

The fight against diabetes never stops. Kung may diabetes ka, hindi ka nag-iisa! Doctors and professionals are constantly studying, researching, and finding ways to fight diabetes once and for all. Dahil sa technology, understanding diabetes becomes easier and more accessible. Here are a few recent developments that doctors, researchers, and scientists have uncovered about this disease:

1. What you eat in pregnancy affects your child more vs. what your child eats later in life


Kung buntis ka, you’re generally told to eat healthy. Pero many mothers don’t know just how important their diet is! A high-fat diet is one of the main factors than can lead to obesity and diabetes. However, research shows na mas malakas ang effect ng high-fat diet during pregnancy sa bata rather than a high-fat diet during his or her adult years. Therefore, kahit wala kang diabetes, it’s important to watch what you eat and give your child a healthy start in life.

2. Deeper understanding of heart disease in diabetes


Diabetes doubles the risk of heart attack and stroke. Dahil dito, doctors have started to research on how to minimize the risk of heart failure. Research shows that one major factor that leads to heart failure is the thickening of your heart’s artery walls, which is what happens when your body resists insulin. These types of developments are what help future doctors determine the best medications and treatment for those who suffer diabetes.

3. Reducing heart disease in youth with diabetes


Doctors are working hard to decrease the risk of heart disease and severe complications for youth suffering from diabetes. Researchers are studying the effects of metformin, a drug that is commonly used to treat insulin resistance.Studies show na may potential ang metformin to reduce cardiovascular risk in type 1 diabetes. Further study is required to better understand the relationship and mechanics behind insulin resistance and diabetes.