Does Chocolate Help Heal a Broken Heart?

November 29, 2021


There’s no easy way to deal with heartbreak, but a popular choice among the broken-hearted on dealing with the pain seems to be indulging in comfort food. With Valentine’s season upon us, many weary hearts turn to one of the most popular products in the holiday of hearts to ease the hardship: Chocolates.


But do chocolates have actual medical benefits to heal a broken heart?


Not all chocolates are equal. The three most common types of chocolate are milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate[1], and the health benefits often depend on how much cocoa content a bar of chocolate has. Cocoa plants are known to be great sources of antioxidants[1]. This means that chocolate with more cocoa content like dark chocolates (approx. 70-85%) can have more noticeable benefits than regular chocolates with less cocoa (milk chocolate at around 10%) or none at all (white chocolate, which uses cocoa butter).[1][2]


So what effects or benefits can cocoa in chocolates have?


Cocoa contains what are called flavanols, plant chemicals rich in antioxidants found in some fruits and vegetables that are known to help in reducing heart disease and inflammation, allowing better blood circulation, lowering blood pressure, and even lowering bad cholesterol.[1][2][3]


But recent studies also show that cocoa can help in reducing stress.[4][5] Because heartbreak can be seen as a response to stressful situations, consuming chocolates high in cocoa may actually help reduce stress and make it easier to handle negative emotions.


So it turns out that there is some scientific knowledge to back up the claim that chocolates can help heal a heartbreak. But many medical professionals and studies still conclude that chocolates can’t provide a one-stop full solution to healing a broken heart. Chocolate can definitely help you get over heartbreak, but only if you consume them in moderate, healthy quantities for the best effects.