Healthy Valentine’s Day Tips with Vitamin B

March 09, 2021

Healthy Valentine S Day Tips With Vitamin B Min

A year ago, it was easy to tell that love was in the air when February came around. We used to see lovers walking hand in hand and restaurants packed with couples dining out, with flowers and chocolates as a common sight. [1]


With the threat of the Coronavirus far from over, these traditions will have to take a back seat for now.  While the government has started to ease up quarantine restrictions, many still prefer to be indoors, safe with their loved ones. [2]


But this shouldn’t dampen the season of love because it can still be enjoyed at home! Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with your significant other or your family, here are some fun ideas to keep the love alive:


1. Have an indoor picnic

Whether you choose to have it in the living room or in your backyard, make sure to set the mood with a picnic blanket and pack a basket filled with your favorite treats. Explore wearing matching outfits while you’re at it for a picture perfect moment! [3][4]


2. Take time out to decorate

Consider this another opportunity to bond with your loved ones, especially with kids around. Bring out your art materials for a DIY project to liven up your home. [4]


3. Recreate your first date

For couples, nothing feels more romantic than reliving how things are when you were just starting out. Get creative and remember to tell your partner everything you loved about them on that very first date. [4]


4. Enjoy a movie marathon

If you are too busy to plan activities for the day, consider settling in for movie night. The lineup can include the best romantic comedies paired with lots of chocolate. [4]


5. Cook a romantic dinner Prepare something romantic (or thoughtful) that you and your significant other would enjoy and dress up as if going out on a fancy date. If you’re a couple celebrating virtually, it helps to have the same meal to make you feel closer.


6. Make Valentine’s cards

Pull out your art supplies and put together the most festive combinations of pink and red! This activity can be fun for both kids and adults. [5]


7. Host a virtual Valentine’s party

Use your favorite video chat app and invite your friends. Decorate your background and go as far as playing parlor games! [5]


Preparing for indoor Valentine’s Day celebrations might deplete your vitamin B levels in your system, which is essential in energy production to support your brain. [6] For your daily dose of vitamin B, Pharex B-Complex is a supplement that contains the optimal amount of quality B-vitamins to support the busy mind and body. It has vitamin B12 that helps improve mood and may even give you an energy boost to help you in your Valentine’s Day activities. [7]


With these tips, we encourage you to go make memorable moments this love month with your family, partner, or loved ones. No matter what you choose to do, what’s important is you make them feel loved and nothing less!


Happy Valentine’s Day from Pharex B!