May 23, 2022

Is Carrying Too Much Bad For Your Nerves

Do you go to to work carrying a heavy bag or two? When you do major grocery shopping, do you often carry everything by yourself? Are you always carrying heavy things on a daily basis? Be careful because you might be damaging your body’s nerves.


So how heavy is heavy? Let’s say people on average carry about 8 to 22 pounds of weight in a backpack or bag. That’s probably the combined weight of all your gadgets and paraphernalia.


Think about it: 8 to 22 pounds is a lot. Add in the mental and emotional stress of everyday living and you’ve got so much weight to manage.


So what happens to the body if you carry too much at any given time?


Muscles spasm

The shoulder and neck work the hardest when you carry heavy loads. That’s why after a long day at the office, you often experience stiffness in the upper back, the shoulder area and the neck.


Headaches can happen

The neck and back pain you experience may radiate around to the front of your head, causing it to ache.


How you walk gets affected

Bags are often slung on one shoulder. Doing this with a heavy bag affects your overall balance and it changes your walking gait.


Nerve glitch may occur 

When nerves are stressed, problems like numbness, tingling and prickling (imagine pins and needles gently poking you) become noticeable.


So what can you do to avoid nerve glitch and offset possible damage to your body?

Be posture perfect!

Try to stand up straight, arms symmetrical even when carrying something heavy.

If you have your bag on one side of your body, carry a tote on the other to balance the load. Just make sure both bags are easy to handle.


Strength train!

The stronger you are, the less stress is placed on your muscles and nerves when lifting something heavy.

Don’t have access to a gym or weight-lifting equipment? Here’s a hack to build strength: hold a solid object in your hand. Grip the object as hard as you can. Every muscle from your forearm up to your shoulder is now working. Do this everyday.


Take B Complex vitamins

B Complex vitamins helps the body’s cells to multiply and regenerate, particularly those in your nerves. Proper and regular intake will minimize the effects of nerve glitch and nerve damage while providing you the added energy to get through your day. To know more about B Complex vitamins, consult your doctor.