Less pain, more gains - a guide to a glitch-free workout

May 23, 2022

Less Pain More Gains A Guide To A Glitch Free Workout

Oh, the struggles of committing to a workout/fitness routine. More than the lifts and the sweat you need to let out, it’s also a daily battle -- a love-hate relationship -- every time you wake up and realize it’s your gym day. You always find yourself asking, “should I go or should I call it off?”.

Ask around. Most of us do that.

Lack of motivation? Most likely. But sometimes, it’s the pains that come with the gains.

“To see results, we have to workout hard.” That’s what they all say. It’s true, though. But sometimes we tend to go beyond our limits just to see immediate results. Your body says no, but your mind says “you can still do it! One more set!”.

You may be mentally, but our bodies can only take so much. And that’s where the problem comes in.

We wake up and we can’t move a part of our body properly. We often take comfort by convincing ourselves that that’s just a natural aftermath of last night’s workout-done-well. It can be partly true, but in most cases, it’s a clear sign of a nerve glitch. You went over and beyond.

Take it easy.

Thinking of skipping gym day? Don’t worry. No judgment! Here are light impact exercises/workout routines that you can do that can give the same effect to your existing heavy-lifting, muscle-exhausting workout routine:

Swimming. A great low-impact option that still torches calories. Buoyancy in the water reduces stress on your body by helping to support your weight. Swimming incorporates cardio, strength, and flexibility in one workout.

Cycling. Bicycling and stationary cycling are also easy on your joints. Recumbent exercise bikes are better for beginners, as they offer more back support.

Walking up the stairs. An incredibly intense workout and a great way to get your heart rate up. If you're a beginner, try adding a few minutes of stairclimbing to your usual workout or hop on the stepmill at the gym for a quick five minutes towards the end of your workout. You'll find you don't have to go very fast to get your heart rate up.

Push-ups and sit-ups. In exchange to your strength training of carrying weights, push-ups can be a great alternative since you will just be carrying your own weight; maintain your core workout by doing 20-50 sit-ups daily.

If these simple routines are too simple for you, then it’s okay to return to your usual day at the gym. Just make sure that you know when to stop. Don’t wait until you can’t do it anymore!

But on those days that you feel like doing things lightly, then consider the alternatives given above. To help with your routine, make sure that you stack up on vitamin B complex - essential for the health of the brain, muscles, and nervous system.

Go for less pain yet more gains. Now, work it out!