Paano gagawing swabe ang pananalita ngayong Buwan ng Wika?

May 23, 2022

Paano Gagawing Swabe Ang Pananalita Ngayong Buwan Ng Wika Min

It’s August. And here in the Philippines, it marks the month-long celebration of Buwan Ng Wika. While most of us will be busy thinking about and writing their piece to be posted on social media in celebration of this month’s festivities, some of us will be busy preparing for their big days.

Be it presentation, recitation, declamation, or anything that involves speaking, everyone is surely up all-night practicing for their respective big days.

What are the secrets in acing a presentation? A lot. But in this article, we will be giving you bite-sized tips on how to make your shining moment unforgettable.

The following are tips that can help you get through your most anticipated day.

Practice makes perfect.1

This is the most important, hence being in the first spot. But, as cliche as it may be. This is the most absolute truth. You have to read and review your notes/presentation whenever you have the time. Master it! PRO TIP: Try rehearsing in front of the mirror. By doing so, you are helping yourself get rid of stage fright come presentation day.

Don’t make your vocabulary complicated.1

People don’t like it when you use high falutin words. The simpler your words, the easier it is for them to understand and digest what you are saying. Always remember that you should always speak to express, NEVER to impress. No one likes to hear from someone whose words seem to come from a dictionary!

Know what you’re talking about – by heart.1

Nothing gets more annoying when a person speaking in front of you appears to not have reviewed his/her notes OR even keeps on reading from his/her hidden notes written on an index card. Mastery of the topic you are talking about/presenting is essential. Always remember this: No matter how good your presentation may be, at the end, people will still ask questions/raise concerns. So it’s important that you are ready to answer them! Know what you’re talking about – by heart. It’s a must!


Give your body enough time to hydrate your vocal cords before your speaking engagement. Drink a lot of water. Drink water before going to bed and have 2 glasses after you get up, ideally before breakfast. A minimum of 2 litres will help to keep your voice lubricated.

Warm up your voice

Before your presentation, make sure you get your voice all warmed up! When you get out of bed, don’t shout, yell or talk too loudly. Start humming in the shower.

Maintain a good posture1

Stand straight. Maintain eye contact with your audience. No one wants to listen to the person standing in front of them who, himself/herself, appears to not be interested in the topic. Look the part!

When sore throat strikes

Para siguradong swabe ang speaking engagement mo ngayong Buwan ng Wika, gumamit ng Sorexidine Gargle. Sorexidine Gargle has chlorhexidine digluconate which helps kill germs that may cause sore throat. It is also used as a preventive mouth rinse for applications before dental treatments. It helps prevent tooth decay, gingivitis, and parodontitis.

Consult your doctor first before using this or any other medication.