Shaking The Shakiness Away

August 02, 2021


There are a number of possible causes of shakiness or unsteadiness – an involuntary and uncontrollable movement of one part of your body. The most common tremor points are hands, and experiencing such condition impacts even simple daily activities greatly. One of the possible reasons why you may experience this is the deficiency in the body’s supply of Vitamin B.

Vitamin B-12 is king when it comes to good nerve health. The lack thereof causes poor production of myelin, the protein responsible for creating a protective nerve sheath. Shakiness is a symptom of this deficiency, along with tingling, numbness, muscle weakness, and impaired vision, among others. If not detected and addressed immediately, a mild deficiency can result to neurological problems such as mood swings, cognitive impairment, and dementia.

Here are some things you can do to shake the shakiness away:

  1. Cut the caffeine  Drinking coffee and beverages like energy drinks, sodas, and teas help you battle sleepiness and help you boost your productivity. However, their caffeine content increases production of adrenaline, which is known to worsen tremors. Opt to take milk or yogurt as substitutes.
  2. Avoid alcohol – A lot of diseases and deficiencies are linked to over consumption of alcohol. Since drinking alcoholic beverages affects the central nervous system, your Friday night essential just might aggravate shakiness or tremor
  3. Schedule tough tasks – If your job involves a lot of handwork (e.g typing, calligraphy), try to determine the time of day when your tremors seem better. Straining your nerves when your tremors are in full swing might further the damage. You can chart your own “tremor scale” and see what activities you can do when you’re not experiencing the shakes.
  4. Eat meat – Those who follow a vegan diet get insufficient amounts of B vitamins. As mentioned earlier, animal sources are optimal in defeating the deficiency. Try incorporating animal products like meat, poultry, and seafood to your diet. Consult your dietician or physician if you have a condition that restricts your diet to just fruits and vegetables.
  5. Exercise regularly – A sedentary lifestyle leads to poor overall health. As far as your nerve system is concerned, you need light to moderate hand exercises daily to keep it limber and tremor-free. Exercise with light hand weights to stabilize your hands and wrists. If you have conditions limiting you to do such, ask a physician or physical therapist on what physical activities you can take on.
  6. Take supplements – Healthy diet and regular exercise should be complemented by taking vitamins. B-complex supplements should be taken at a recommended dosage for every age bracket and condition.

Tremors and shakiness are more than just nuisances. They may expose you to serious harm such as getting hurt from dropping something fragile and losing your balance. They are signs that your nerves need proper care and attention. One of the steps towards achieving good health is to be mindful of what your body tells you. Deficiencies usually signal their presence and should be dealt with immediately.

If your symptoms worsen, consult your doctor.