Should you self-medicate?

August 02, 2021

Should You Self Medicate

Self-medication is now a global phenomenon. With many having a quick access to information on the Internet, we have unnecessarily become our own doctor. We resort to Google to check our symptoms, which often result to self-medication.

Is self-medication really advisable?

It may seem that you save time, money and effort if you self-medicate. Remember that there are dangers to self-medication. Your symptoms may vary and may be different from a disease you have searched. Not everything you see online are reliable and credible enough to make you better. Some may be based on personal experiences, which are likely to be different from your case. It’s always best to consult your doctor for any health concerns.

The dangers of self-medication

Self-medication, such as intake of inappropriate antibiotics, is believed to be a potential contributor to antimicrobial resistance among patients. This means that the body may not be able to respond well to antibiotics, thus making standard treatments ineffective and may even cause the infection to spread to more people.

Other potential dangers for self-medication are as follows:

  • Incorrect self-diagnosis, which may lead to improper management of your health condition causing it to worsen further
  • Development of rare but severe adverse effects to medications that you will take
  • Failure to recognize other risk factors that may possibly affect your health condition
  • Excessive and prolonged use of medications that your body may no longer need
  • The possiblity of getting dependent on the drug you’re taking

Should you make a mistake when self-medicating, it is possible that the effects will cost you more fortune than what you think you saved earlier. Keep this from happening. For any signs and symptoms of health issues, especially if they are persistent, visit your doctor for a more comprehensive check on your health condition.