Sore Throat Myths & Truths

December 08, 2021

Sore Throat Myths And Truths

Sore throat can be uncomfortable. The pain, irritation and scratchiness that you feel in your throat makes you want to put an end to the problem soonest.

How do we effectively deal with sore throat? One way is to get educated about some myths and truths behind this condition.

Myth # 1: Sore throat is caused by the cold weather.

Weather is not the main cause for sore throat. It may be a contributing factor in developing sore throat since we are prone to catching cold and cough during the cold season. The main cause of sore throat, however, may either be a bacterial or viral infection. Getting in contact with people who are sick may get you infected.

Myth # 2: Smoking doesn’t lead to sore throat.

Smoking and inhaling secondhand smoke can irritate the throat. Other products that have strong odor like paint and cleaning agents may also trigger sore throat. It is recommended to limit or avoid smoking not only to protect you from sore throat, but also to reduce your risk of cancers affecting the mouth, throat and voice box, as well as being a threat to other people’s health.

Myth # 3: Any cold, frozen liquid or food is good for sore throat.

While cold liquids or foods help relieve sore throat, some may cause it to worsen. Avoid milk-based food and drinks like milkshakes because these thicken the mucus, which may further the irritation in your throat.

Sore throat may also be relieved using a gargle solution like Sorexidine, which contains chlorhexidine digluconate, which is the Gold Standard Antimicrobial for Ooral hygiene. Sorexidine can keep your throat and oral cavity protected from bacteria for up to 12 hours, which can also help relieve sore throat.