Take Vitamin and Supplements with Caution

January 28, 2022

Take Vitamin And Supplements With Caution Min

With the arrival of the Coronavirus in the country, panic-buying alarms were set off in just about every home. Soon, daily household essentials including disinfectant products and vitamins were sold out at drugstores and grocery stores, which led to the overpriced sales of essential items through online resellers. [1][2]

Though Metro Manila has since moved into a General Community Quarantine, making basic goods easier to come by, the habit of stockpiling basic essentials has somehow become second nature.

Drinking with Caution

Apart from disinfectants, panic-buyers were quick to pick up various vitamins and supplements that claimed to have immunity-boosting properties with the goal of improving their health and strengthening their immune systems to help combat the Coronavirus.

What people have failed to realize is that many supplements contain active ingredients that can have strong or adverse effects on the body. Before taking a new product, it is important to arm yourself with the proper information to avoid putting yourself in harm’s way. [3]

Taking supplements is not a novel idea. In fact, many turn to these products to address specific deficiencies and may even be beneficial for certain groups of people (namely pregnant women, menopausal women, vegans, vegetarians, and people with food allergies).[4]

While taking them is not a bad thing, side effects from dietary supplements are most likely to occur if you take them in high doses or in the place of prescribed medicines. Mixing specific medications and dietary supplements can also put your health at risk. [3]

Watch Your Dosage

Be sure to follow the dosage recommendations printed on the label, or suggested by your doctor, when taking supplements.

Take As Directed

Read the label of all of your prescription and OTC medications to understand how any supplement could potentially interact with the medications you take or the foods you eat.

Always take your supplement according to the directions on the label. 

Read Labels Carefully

It’s important to do a thorough research when considering a certain supplement – and this includes reading the labels carefully, as they can often be confusing.

Many products boast of unrealistic benefits or results. Watch out for anything claiming to be a quick fix or boasting of a dramatic breakthrough.

Never Substitute for Food

Over-the-counter vitamins and minerals can be used as a supplement to your diet, but they should never be used in the place of real food.

Keep Supplements and Medicines Properly Stored

Store medicines and vitamins up and away and out of your child’s reach and sight.  And put the medicines or supplement back in its proper place every time you use them.

It’s always best to take into consideration that even though these products are available without a prescription, talking to your doctor before you begin taking any type of supplement is the most advisable. Supplements may not be necessary for everyone. Your doctor can help you determine if a dietary supplement is necessary.