May 23, 2022


We know what it’s like to see your favorite musical acts for the first time (it will always feel like the first time!). After so many months, weeks, and days of waiting, here we are now: the big day.


This is it! Your favorite anthem/s heard live and the artist performing right in front of your eyes, within your reach; dancing with people who share the same musical passion as you; crying tears of joy when your favorite line is being sung by a sea of crowds; raising hands and closing your eyes — living in the moment.


More than just being emotionally prepared for this journey, it’s also important that your body is ready, may it be for a couple of hours or a whole day ordeal such as a music festival.


Here’s a quick guide on how to survive a concert:



First thing on the list: Make sure you are physically prepared. Eat a balanced meal to avoid feeling bloated and sluggish! Make sure you take your B-Complex vitamins. Vitamin B6 helps the body in using and storing protein and carbohydrates from food. You need extra strength for this!


Attending concerts/music festivals equates to long hours of standing. A week (or at least days) before the show, make sure your legs have enough exercise. Take a long walk going to work or take the stairs more often. By preparing your leg muscles prior to concert day, your body will be ready for long hours of standing come show time!



Standing and dancing for the whole night can be tiring. So eating a meal before the show will give you energy and keep you full. Drinking water is equally important. The weather can be hot, and staying hydrated will keep you going.


What you wear to the concert is probably the next most important thing. Your outfit should be comfortable. Yes, your new high heels are adorable, but after 3 hours of standing up and dancing, your feet might not be so thankful.


Comfortable shoes and loose clothing will allow you to have a stress-free experience. Also, make sure to dress appropriately for the weather. If it is a cold night, make sure to bring layers.



Aside from your powerbank, there's a few other must-haves you might end up needing throughout the night: cash (of course!), sunscreen, hand sanitizer, small towel, extra shirt, etc.



Getting to the front at a standing-room-only show, especially for an artist you love, is great. What isn’t great is if you push people out of their spots to get there. Bear this in mind: It’s not always about being in the front row/nearest to the stage, what’s more important is you make the experience pleasant and memorable, not just for you, but also for the people around you.

Sometimes, there are things better appreciated when you’re from afar!


For special moments like this one, it’s always important that you are 100% ready physically. Be sure to have enough B-vitamins in your system to avoid fatigue and muscle weakness! You have waited for this day, don’t let nerve glitch ruin it.


Now have fun and live in the moment!