The New Normal Gift Set for Christmas

August 02, 2021

The New Normal Gift Set For Christmas Min

We might be in the middle of a pandemic but that shouldn’t keep us from celebrating time-honored traditions like Christmas. Consider this the perfect time to express your love and gratitude for your loved ones, because while social distancing may be mandatory, health protocols did not dictate that we practice emotional distancing. [1]


Lucky for us, more time spent at home allows us to explore fun alternatives to your usual gifting list. [1]


Here are a few gift ideas that are sure to please, even in quarantine season:


Flowers & Plants

With many of us craving the outdoors, the wonders of nature, such as potted plants and flowers, can help to uplift our spirits. [2]


Embroidery Kit

Help your loved ones appreciate the gift of time and slowing down with a hands-on project. Not only will this help them develop a new skill, but embroidery is also a great stress-reliever. [2]



Introduce a new way to spend time online with e-books and reading subscriptions. Instead of spending hours on social media, an e-book is a great way to learn and to keep our minds active even while on mobile devices. [2]


The Gift of Giving

If you’d like your money to go somewhere more impactful, consider donating to a charitable cause you believe in. There are numerous advocacy groups that need donations, especially during a pandemic. Just make sure to do a background check before trusting them with your money. [3]


Streaming Subscriptions

If you love to entertain but can’t do so because of social distancing measures, the gift of streaming is your next best bet. Enjoy virtual viewing parties with friends and family and consider sending over some food and drinks for added measure. [3]


The New Normal Kit

Personalized care packages are always a treat to receive. Keep things quirky by putting together a New Normal Kit that contains essentials for sanitizing hands, disinfecting surroundings, and the right tools to protect them from the virus. Don’t forget to top it off with vitamin E, which helps boost immunity. [4]


By observing proper health and safety protocols, and with enough supplementation of vitamin E, you can be confident that your immune system is well taken care of.


To supplement your daily need for vitamin E, take Pharex E. It has antioxidants that help slow down the aging process of cells and works to help the body’s immune system fight infections. For only P8.50 SRP, Pharex E gives you a healthy feeling from within without spending a lot of time and money.


No matter what you decide to give, take comfort in knowing that making them feel loved, special, and taken care of is what makes this Holiday season special.


Happy Holidays from Pharex!