Regular Cough vs. Pneumonia

Experiencing cough or colds may not sound severe, pero nakakatakot pa rin since coughing is one of pneumonia’s biggest symptoms. However, coughing in pneumonia (viral or bacterial) is different from your regular cough. In this article, we explore how you can tell:


Check out what you’re coughing out

Are you experiencing dry cough or are you coughing up phlegm? If the latter,observe the amount and color of your mucus. Pag konti lang ang amount, that can usually indicate the presence of viral pneumonia. If your phlegm is thick and green-colored, most likely bacterial ang pneumonia.


Make a symptoms checklist

Aside from coughing, viral pneumonia is accompanied with low fever, chills,muscle aches, fatigue, and sore throat. Bacterial pneumonia naman is accompanied with high fever, shortness of breath, rapid breathing, abdominal pain, and severe fatigue.


High risk ka ba?

If you’re a smoker or have a history of chronic lung disease, brain disorders, or other serious illnesses such as heart disease or diabetes, you may be at a higher risk for getting pneumonia.


When in doubt, always talk to your doctor. Pneumonia is a deadly disease but it can be avoided with proper care, prevention and early treatment. Stay healthy and safe!

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