Pharex E Introduces Affordable Vitamin E with Alice Dixson

May 23, 2022

Pharex E Introduces Affordable Vitamin E With Alice Dixson Min

Extending one’s youthful looks can be challenging. The good news is that it has just become more accessible.

Pharex E, Pharex’ brand of Vitamin E,  has formally tapped Alice Dixson to be its celebrity endorser. Last Feb. 14, a contract signing was held to formalize the partnership between Pharex E and the beautiful and smart actress. Both believe that extending one’s youthful looks is possible with Pharex E.

Known for her youthful looks and smarts, Alice Dixson is the epitome of a smart and beautiful woman.

She first made waves in the late 1980s when she represented the Philippines in the Miss International Pageant and starred in her first TV commercial. She then moved on to become an accomplished actress on TV and movies. 

While she temporarily put her acting career on hold in the late 1990s, she staged a comeback in 2011 to star in several TV shows. Today, she’s a beauty vlogger and a fitness enthusiast. Many see her as #beautygoals.

What’s her secret? She has always maintained a healthy lifestyle. She’s also conscious of the food she eats and is discerning with the supplements she takes. She makes sure that she takes supplements that are developed by trusted pharma companies.

It is for this reason that Pharex saw her as a fitting brand ambassador for Pharex E, and Alice didn’t have second thoughts of endorsing a brand she believes in.

Vitamin E is known to be a good antioxidant that helps protect the brain and the skin from the damaging effects of free radicals brought about by stress. And with the daily stress that we encounter from work, everyday commute, high inflation and other issues affecting our lives, it helps to take vitamin E regularly to delay aging, both physically and mentally.

At PhP8.50 per capsule, Pharex E and Dixson know that you can look beautiful and radiant without the need to break the bank. This is definitely good news for any Filipina who wants to Pharextend her youthful looks.