Pharex Launches Sorexidine Gargle


Pharex launches its first-ever branded product, Sorexidine Gargle.Sorexidine is the gold standard microbicide for patients suffering from sore throat because of its proven efficacy against various categories of microbes including bacteria, fungi and viruses.

The launch started with the welcome remarks of Pharex President, Mr. Tomas Marcelo Agana III followed by an entertainingspace invaders themed product reveal. One of the key highlights was the lecture of Dr. Melfred Hernandez on “Sorexidine: Soaring high over Sore Throat Troubles.” He explained the mechanism of action of Chlorhexidine gluconate and identified its unique properties and the superiority of the Chlorhexidine gluconate as the“gold standard” compared to other brands.

Sorexidine is the first-ever branded product marketed by Pharex. Partner doctors from the ENT, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and General Practitioners attendedthe event.