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What is sorexidine?


Kapag boses ang puhunan, gargle with Sorexidine.

Having a sore throat is uncomfortable and inconvenient. The pain, irritation, and discomfort that often comes with it makes you want to put an end to the problem soonest.

Sorexidine is an oral wash that helps keep sore throats at bay. It contains Chlorhexidine Digluconate, the gold standard in oral hygiene that can help kill sore throat-causing germs.

Being alcohol-free, Sorexidine also provides relief without forcing you to endure a stinging feeling.

Product Information

Sorexidine contains 0.12% Chlorhexidine Digluconate.

It has high oral retention that protects for up to 12 hours.

Its palatable citrus flavor makes it easier to use.


There are many causes of sore throat. A sore throat can be due to a microbial infection, trauma, allergy, and a variety of other causes. Chlorhexidine is the clinically proven gold standard that can help patients suffering from sore throat. Chlorhexidine in itself is a known antimicrobial agent that inhibits growth and kills bacteria and fungi.

No. Chlorhexidine should be used to alleviate symptoms of sore throat and to control dental caries, plaque, and gingivitis.

Sorexidine does not have alcohol content, as indicated in the label. Sorexidine is safe but not recommended for children.

Sorexidine is generally safe, but it is recommend for pregnant / breastfeeding women to consult their doctor before using the product.

There are no known interactions with the use of Sorexidine combined with other agents used in the relief of sore throat such as Benzydamine.

It can be used as an adjunct to antibiotic treatment. There is no available report on any drug interaction with maintenance medication like antibiotics.

Use 15mL of Sorexidine for 30 seconds, twice a day.
No need to add water.
Do not swallow.

The ideal usage is in the undiluted form. Gargle about 15mL or one tablespoon for 30 seconds and then it can be swished in the oral cavity and expectorated after. Rinsing or brushing the teeth after gargling is discouraged. You can brush your teeth before gargling.

Yes, it can be stopped abruptly since it is not a maintenance medication, unless it is used for some dental procedures where a specified duration of use has been prescribed by the dentist.

One of the known side effects of Chlorhexidine is tooth staining, but this is temporary. However, this is not a deterrent to using Chlorhexidine. The benefits of preventing oral plaques, dental caries, and oral malodor as well as preventing gingivitis or periodontitis outweigh tooth staining.

One theory on staining explains that Chlorhexidine interacts with sugars and amino acids in the oral cavity, which causes a non-enzymatic browning reaction. The good news is that the staining is extrinsic and easily be removed through regular oral hygiene (tooth brushing).

Sorexidine is available in two sizes: 60mL, which retails at PHP 94.00, and 120mL at PHP 155.00.

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