Nutraceuticals in Respiratory Disorders

Nutrient and vitamin deficiency can affect the human body’s systems, and the respiratory tract is no exception. Children found to have a vitamin A deficiency have a higher risk of developing respiratory disorders. A lack of vitamin C is shown to weaken the immune system and increases the risk of contracting cough and colds. The use of alternative medicine such as nutraceuticals have been proven effective in the management of respiratory illnesses. 

The term “nutraceuticals” was coined in 1989 by Stephen de Felice and a fusion of the words “nutrient” and “pharmaceuticals”.  It often looks like medicine because it is usually in capsule form. It is also meant to be more of a supplement to maintain or improve one’s current state of health. The prevention of illness and inflammation is also one of its purposes. There is no assurance that it can treat a current illness but the aim of such a supplement is more for its prevention rather than cure. 

Nothing beats a balanced diet and active lifestyle. As the old adage goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But in the absence of apples and other plant-based nutrients, nutraceuticals can be a good substitute to achieve a healthy body.

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