How to Support your Mind & Body with Vitamin B

Since the Filipino workforce shifted to working remotely as part of the quarantine measures in keeping the spread of the Coronavirus at bay, people had their fair share of its disadvantages. More than the set-up and the lack of the right tools, others have claimed that the work from home set-up has effectively crossed the line between personal and professional life. 

As we all gradually transition and adapt to the new normal, we shouldn’t lose track of one of the most important aspects in our daily living—our wellness. For most people who face high-pressured lives, as working professionals, parents, or multi-taskers, stress and anxiety come hand in hand with their daily tasks.


Accumulated stress can make us feel drained, completely out of energy. To lessen the stress brought by the daily work from home set-up, try to practice these 6 tips:


Lowers your heart rate and makes you more present in the moment. This relaxation technique may also help you to be mindful of the levels of stress in your body as you continue your day.

Be active

Originally, we would suggest taking a walk of at least 10,000 steps, but considering the need to stay indoors, a simple way to get moving is to do some household chores.

Fresh air

Get some fresh air to clear your head and remind yourself to take deep breaths, as you would when meditating. 

Recharge each day

Make some time for yourself to read a book, call a friend, or simply just relax on the couch. This will make a huge difference and give you an opportunity to clear your head and get some extra energy for a new day.

Sleep more

Aim for at least seven hours a night on a regular basis to promote optimal health. 

Healthy, balanced diet

Making healthy food choices is important in providing nutrients to our central nervous system, which regulates our stress responses. Don’t fall into the trap of unhealthy stress-eating! 


The daily demands of working from home can deplete vitamin B levels in your system, and reduce proper absorption of B vitamins from your diet. Vitamin B is a group of eight separate vitamins often referred to as vitamin B-complex, and are essential to the body for its work in energy production and can be found in many foods.

For your daily dose of vitamin B, Pharex B-Complex is a supplement that contains the optimal amount of quality B-vitamins to support the busy mind and body. It has vitamin B12 that helps improve mood and may even give you an energy boost to help you in your daily activities.

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