Preventing Pangangalay and Pananamlay ng Isip While Working from Home

As the practice of physical distancing continues, so does working from home for fear of putting the entire workforce at risk from the possibility of mingling with people who could be asymptomatic carriers or “super spreaders” of Covid-19 and vice versa. 

Initially, the new set-up had people losing their sense of work-life balance, where long hours at the office translated to turning one’s bedroom or safe space into a virtual work area. But with everything in life, we were able to adapt—eventually churning out effective and good work for more than six months.

However, with great results comes a greater toll on our well-being. So to make sure that you are working from home properly, here are quick break tips to help keep your mind and body healthy:

Make sure you are comfortable in your chair

Sofas and recliners are comfortable only for a short time, so finding a chair with a firmer seat is the better way to go. Posture also plays a key role: Your feet should be flat on the floor and there should be about four inches between the back of your leg and the front of the seat. Consider adding a small towel roll or pillow to the small of your back to maintain the natural curve in your spine. 

Your eyes should be 20-30 inches away from the screen

Use a small table-top platform to raise your monitor or laptop if necessary. Your shoulders should be relaxed and the keyboard positioned at least an inch above your elbows.

Take a break every 30 minutes to stand up and stretch

Get out and walk around for about five minutes or so. Doing this may help prevent bad postures from developing over time. Taking a walk and stretching also helps with circulation and digestion, and helps to clear your mind and refocus on your tasks.

Know when to shut down

Boundaries begin with you. Make sure to shut down your device and/or mute all notifications when you reach the end of the day. There should always be a line between working from home and being at home.

The daily demands of working from home can all deplete vitamin B levels in your system, and reduce the proper absorption of B vitamins from your diet. Vitamin B is a group of 8 separate vitamins often called together as vitamin B-complex. These vitamins are essential to the body for its work in energy production and they can be found in many foods.

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