Expanding to Wellness on Pharex's 30th

[Sep 2018]

The third decade marks an important milestone for Pharex as a brand and company. In recent years, significant changes have occurred, with the company joining RiteMED and UNILAB for a bigger endeavor.

Pharex has been known as a pioneer in providing affordable quality generic medicines to Filipino patients. From working on purely pharmaceuticals, Pharex is going to embark on a new mission. Aside from getting sick people well through their medicines, Pharex will now keep people well through natural wellness thinking and products.


Attitude of Wellness

The new Pharex believes that wellness starts with an attitude. It starts with the habit of doing the right things for good health – eating the right food, having a healthy and balanced lifestyle, following doctor’s orders, taking the right supplements. The goal is to stay well, more than just to get well.

In line with this attitude of wellness, Pharex is introducing a line of natural dietary supplements to help Filipinos become better and healthier everyday. Coinciding with its 30th anniversary, Pharex is launching Integraid – wellness products sourced from nature, studied and tested based on science to ensure each product’s safety and efficacy.


Pharex for the Filipino

Pharex puts value in Filipinos by keeping them healthy and able to serve their families and communities. In turn, Filipinos continue to trust and patronize Pharex products when it comes to maintaining their health.

With Pharex, Filipinos are assured that they can Pharexceed, Pharexcel and Pharextend their usefulness. Pharex helps people be better with a healthier well-being.

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