What are the Benefits of Taking Vitamin D Supplements?

Sunlight can provide most people with their vitamin D requirements. However, a number of other individuals, especially those who are at risk of developing vitamin D deficiency, cannot purely rely on exposure to sunlight for the production of vitamin D. 

Keep in mind that the time you can spend under the sunlight is also limited. You run the danger of getting sunburn and skin cancer by staying outside later than ten in the morning. Aside from having little time to go under the sun, there are also shifts in the weather patterns brought about by the rainy season. 

During these periods, when the sun seems to be non-existent, it might be necessary to rely on our diets to get vitamin D. Some foods like fatty fish, fish liver oils, milk, cheese, egg, and mushrooms are good sources of vitamin D. 

Although even with high amounts of these food sources, you could get only around 288 IU of Vitamin D. Of course, that is not enough since the recommended daily intake of Vitamin D for adults is 400 IU. Thankfully, there are already supplements for Vitamin D accessible to make up for the deficit.

Who Needs to Take Vitamin D Supplements? 

Not a lot of people are able to get enough vitamin D daily, and that’s why they may be at risk for a deficiency. Here are some individuals who may need to get Vitamin D supplements:

  • People from the Night Shift 
    There are many advantages of working night shifts or from home, including reduced commute time and more flexible scheduling. However, some of them receive little to no sun exposure.
  • Older People 
    Your ability to produce vitamin D from diet and sunlight declines as you age. Some older people also prefer to spend much of their time at home. Their sedentary lifestyle depletes the amount of vitamin D in their system. 
  • People with Darker Complexion
    People with tan and dark complexions have a lot of melanin in their skin. Melanin reduces their ability to convert sunlight to vitamin D. 
  • People on a Low-Fat Diet
    Some individuals restrict their daily fat intake to lose weight. Since Vitamin D is a fat-soluble substance, this might have an impact on how well the body absorbs the nutrient.
  • Individuals with Blockage in the Intestines and Other Digestive Issues
    Having inflammation in the digestive tract could limit your ability to get Vitamin D from the food you eat. 
    People with diseases like cystic fibrosis and irritable bowel syndrome have blockages and fluid in their stomachs that can limit their capability to absorb vitamins and minerals.

Benefits of Taking Vitamin D Supplements

Not getting enough Vitamin D makes your body weaker and more susceptible to diseases. On the other hand, having an ample amount of vitamin D in your system is quite advantageous. Here are some benefits of taking vitamin D supplements.

  • Develops Strong Bones and Muscles
    Vitamin D and calcium work together to help maintain strong bones and are both necessary for calcium absorption. Bone Osteoporosis occurs when your bone strength starts to deteriorate. Age-related bone thinning can cause bones to break often. By consuming enough vitamin D supplements daily, you can reduce your risk of developing this bone condition.
  • Provides Protection from Radiation
    You are still exposed to a low level of radiation whether you are outside walking your dogs or at home watching your favorite movies or television shows. Sunblock protects you from sunlight. However, it cannot protect you from radiation. Fortunately, vitamin D consumption can also shield your body from harmful UV rays. 
  • Reduces Inflammation
    The liver produces CRP or C-Reactive Protein whenever you have an infection. Individuals with autoimmune disorders tend to have swelling body parts. Vitamin D naturally can lower the amount of C-reactive proteins. That is why some people drink vitamin D supplements to avoid joint pains and inflammation. 
  • Aids in Weight Loss 
    Even if it cannot completely replace a wholesome diet and regular exercise, vitamin D can assist people in losing weight. People who have high vitamin D levels have a lower risk of obesity. Vitamin D utilizes stored fats in the body to convert food into nutrients.
  • Fight Depression
    Have you ever wondered why going for a lengthy stroll in the morning outside instantly lifts your spirits? Aside from helping you get a strong body; vitamin D also serves as a natural mood booster. When exposed to the sun, we produce more serotonin, the happy hormone.

Deficiency in vitamin D is the root cause of SAD or seasonal affective disorder. The rainy weather could make you feel gloomy since you spend so much time inside without getting any sunlight. Help cure these symptoms and have resistance against diseases by taking a Vitamin D pill.

The Sunshine Vitamins

It is vital to drink only trusted supplements for, should you need an extra dose of Vitamin D. But, before taking any prescription, consult a physician first. Vitamin D-related symptoms can be confused with those of other medical conditions. In the event that you need higher levels of vitamin D in your system, you could try Pharex® D-Vit 800.

Pharex® D-Vit 800 is a very powerful fat-soluble nutrient that can help boost your body’s defense against diseases., especially against diseases. It can also help prevent Vitamin D deficiency that may lead to more serious illnesses like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and other chronic diseases.

With Pharex® D-Vit 800, you can be on your way to better health, as this supplement contains 800 IU of all-important Vitamin D3 or Cholecalciferol! Jumpstart your health today with Pharex D-Vit 800.

Take Pharex® D-Vit 800 daily after eating a meal. This supplement can be taken with or without food.

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