What is Glucopro®?


Want to improve your digestive health? Start with Glucopro®! It’s a water-soluble and non-gelling dietary fiber supplement in a fun wintermelon tea flavor that may help maintain healthy digestion, reduce risk for constipation, raise satiety, and stimulate better weight management, glucose tolerance, and insulin response.

Glucopro® contains Resistant Maltodextrin (RMD), a known dietary fiber that’s resistant to digestion and absorption in the upper gastrointestinal tract. 

Apart from being loaded with fiber, research has shown that it can lead to various physiological functions, and may help increase stool frequency and volume in humans.


ASC Reference code : G0005I101223G, P0016N101223G, P0007N101223G

Product Information

As an adjunct to diet and exercise, fiber from Resistant Maltodextrin may help maintain healthy intestinal regularity and reduce the glycemic response to carbohydrate foods.

  • Available in box of 21’s (sachet by 1)

Product Ingredients

Glucopro® contains Resistant Maltodextrin (RMD).

Product Usage

Product Usage/Direction 1

Glucopro® should be taken with each meal. Dissolve one (1) sachet of Glucopro® in a glass of 250 mL water (ideally not hot). Once opened, consume contents immediately.

Product Usage/Direction 2

Talk to your doctor to know more about proper dosage and intake of Glucopro®. Glucopro® is not meant to be used as a sole source of nutrition, and intake should be complemented by a healthy diet and frequent exercise.

Product Usage/Direction 3

Store Glucopro® at room temperature not exceeding 30°C.


Glucopro® is a dietary fiber supplement that may promote better digestive health. It’s known to:


  • Help prevent constipation

  • Assist in regulating bowel movement 

  • Increase satiety

  • Promote better weight management, glucose tolerance, and insulin response

Glucopro® may also help reduce the risk for hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and other coronary diseases.

The dietary fiber Resistant Maltodextrin (RMD) plays a major role as it is resistant to digestion and absorption in the upper GI tract. 


When combined with a healthy diet and frequent exercise, RMD may provide benefits such as helping decrease your body’s glycemic response to carbohydrate food, maintain healthy intestinal regularity, raise stool frequency and volume according to certain studies.

Studies show that Resistant Maltodextrin is Generally

Recognized as Safe (GRAS), with no specified limitation for its daily intake. It is well-tolerated in the digestive system.

According to the Institute of Medicine, which provides science-based advice on matters of medicine and health, the following daily fiber recommendations for adults are as follows:


  • Men aged 50 or younger: 38 grams

  • Men aged 51 or older: 30 grams

  • Women age 50 or younger: 25 grams

  • Women age 51 or older: 21 gram.

Glucopro® should be taken with each meal. Start by dissolving one (1) sachet of Glucopro® in a glass of 250 mL water (ideally not hot), and then consume immediately.

There’s no need to worry since Glucopro® is generally safe and is well tolerated in the digestive system. However, if you experience any side effects or reactions after drinking Glucopro®, talk to a doctor and seek medical attention right away.

If pregnant or nursing, consult with your physician or

healthcare practitioner before taking Glucopro®.

Glucopro® is proven suitable for patients with diabetes. In fact, dietary fiber intake has a protective effect among people with diabetes, reducing risk for mortality by 10%.

Glucopro® Generally Regarded as Safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients of Glucopro®, you may be at risk for hypersensitivity or side effects.

If you experience any allergic reactions or side effects after drinking Glucopro® talk to a doctor and seek medical attention immediately.

There are no known food, drink or drug interactions that may affect Glucopro®. If you plan to take Glucopro® alongside other medicines or supplements though, consult your doctor first.

Glucopro Box of 21s - P672
Glucopro 5+1 - P160

Glucopro® is currently available in Lazada and Shopee and would soon be available in leading drugstores nationwide.

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