5 Affordable Beauty Hacks To Be More Presentable At Work

May 23, 2022

5 Affordable Beauty Hacks To Be More Presentable At Work Min

Fact: We all want healthy, glowing skin.

But given our tight schedules and even tighter budgets, we tend to set aside our health and beauty routines just to make it through the day.

Now if you think about it, we are at our best only if we look and feel good. The problem is, most of us believe that looking and feeling good is complicated, time-consuming, and downright expensive.

But the truth is, there are many ways to achieve healthy, glowing skin without spending a fortune! Here are some of them:

1. Never forget to wear sunscreen

No one can completely avoid exposure to the sun, especially during your daily commute. Although we need a little sunlight every now and then, overexposure to the ultraviolet rays can be damaging to our skin.[i] Prolonged exposure can cause sunburn, and overtime it may lead to skin cancer. 

Before heading out of the house, make it a habit to apply sunscreen with at least SPF 30 on the exposed parts of your skin.[ii] If it’s really hot out, why not bring an umbrella as well.

2. Cut back on soda

Nothing beats a sip of ice-cold soda when braving the hot outdoors. However, soda is bad for your skin as they contain huge amounts of sugar, which hamper the formation of collagen -- a protein responsible for keeping your skin firm and supple.[iii]

When drinking soda, you may notice that you are thirstier than before. And that is because sodas are extremely dehydrating, especially for your skin. Wrinkles and fine lines will more likely appear if you consume huge amounts of soda.[iv] So if you want better-looking skin, cut back on those carbonated drinks. Better yet, get into the habit of drinking cold water.


3. Regularly change your pillowcase

Are you still having pimple breakouts despite your regular facial care? Your pillowcase may be the one to blame. Dirt, bacteria, and makeup residue accumulate on your pillowcase so it is advisable to change your sheets at least once every week.[v]

4. Exfoliate and moisturize your lips with honey and sugar scrub

Dry, dark pigmented lips is a common problem to Filipinas, especially if you are always exposed to sun and pollution. The heat and humidity here in the Philippines can worsen this problem[vi] so it is highly advisable to exfoliate and moisturize.

So, in a small container, mix 1 teaspoon of honey and 2 teaspoons of brown sugar. Get a clean towel and gently dab the scrub on your lips. Leave on for 10 minutes then rinse. Do this at least once a week. The enzymes present in the honey locks in moisture in your lips to keep it healthy and supple while the antioxidants found in brown sugar can gently exfoliate your lips while protecting it from the sun’s UV rays.

5. Take Vitamin E daily

Aside from committing to a healthy diet, adding a Vitamin E supplement to your daily routine will help you achieve that healthy glow, and help boost your immunity against disease! It’s one of the important, antioxidant-rich vitamins for the skin that can protect you from free radicals in the environment.

The good news is that Vitamin E has been made more affordable with Pharex E. Pharex E is available at Php 8.50 SRP per capsule in major drug stores nationwide.


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