June 25, 2021

How To Be A Glitch Free Mom Min

Summer is officially over, and the kids are now back to school! If the kids staying at home for the summer break had been quite stressful – what with their endless energy while running around the house and scattering toys on the floor the whole day – the kids attending school daily can also be as taxing! Waking up early, preparing the kids’ uniform and baon, then checking if they’ve done their homework – every single day with these exploring young ones is chaos as well!

Given these situations, it will totally not come as a surprise when you experience some glitches here and there. We know it is overwhelming, but it is not yet the end of the world! You can still slay motherhood to your school kids while still giving your best at work!

Here are some glitch-free back-to-school tips for mothers from Get Healthy U.

Look on The Bright Side

The transition from summer break to back-to-school can be a bit hard for both the parents and the kids. You’d often hear them complaining about having to wake up so early or having to do all their homework in one night. And as the parent, you need to encourage them by telling them positive things about going back to school, such as them being able to stay longer with their friends or them learning the first steps towards their dream to become a doctor! [1]

But of course, before you can do all these, it has to start from you. Did you know that positive thinking can actually help reduce stress levels, thus giving you a more positive outlook in life? We know it’s not easy, but if you just keep practicing positive thinking, you’ll gradually notice the change in your mood. [2]

And if your kids will see how well you are taking things, this may influence them and start looking on the bright side of going back to school as well! On the bright side, when that happens, you will hear less complaints and therefore giving you one less issue to stress about!

Choose Your Homework Battles Wisely

You used to be a student, too. And you definitely know the feeling of not wanting to do your homework after spending half a day doing school activities. Still, you want your kid to do well in school, so you’d go help them answer the math problems. But wait! While we know you only had good intentions, doing their homework for them might not actually be helpful to them in the long run.[3]

They could get used to having your help and become dependent on you. What you can do is to encourage them to complete their homework by themselves. They can ask or consult you sometimes, but with information available on the internet, it wouldn’t be so hard for them to do their own research. [4] However, if you see your child struggling with their homework, it’s best to talk to their teachers.[3]

We know you’ve forgotten most of these lessons already, so when you don’t get too involved in school assignments, this will not stress you out anymore!

It’s Okay to Sometimes Say “No”

Let us face it; it’s hard to say “no” especially when your or your kid’s reputation in the community is on the line. Invited to be part of the PTA? Asked to volunteer for an event on school? But you’ve got deadlines at work, and your husband’s birthday is coming up! As much as you want to be known as an active mom, there is only so much you can do.[5]

A New York-based psychotherapist, Melissa Divaris Thompson, LMFT, said that you should be clear on how much participation you can handle from the beginning so the others could understand if you decline an invitation. And do not feel guilty for choosing to spend more time with your family and yourself. Know when to take a break. [5]

Know That You’re Not Alone

It is completely alright to ask help from others, especially your husband and fellow moms! At your wedding, you and your partner have sworn to support each other through thick and thin, so come the challenges with having kids who go to school, you two should talk about how to divide responsibilities such as who will drop off and pick up the kids, or who will prepare their baon. [1]

Better yet, starting to get your kids involved on simple tasks like these will be greatly helpful to you both. At the same time, this will help them develop independence at a young age. [1]

Also, when you need extra help, you can confide in fellow parents. They will understand your struggles so they will want to lend you a hand or simply give you advice. Accept any kind of help you will receive! [1]

Get Organizing

A messy house can give us so much stress, so it is important to keep an organized house as much as possible. This is also an important trait your children need to learn as early as now so they will develop a sense of responsibility. You can start by telling them to always put away their toys after playing, as well as their school stuff after studying or doing their homework. [1]

As for family events, it is good to maintain a daily activity calendar where everyone can keep track of the family’s activities. This can be on a whiteboard or if you want to go digital, use an app! [6]

Put Your Mental Health First

Before you take care of others, you need to take care of yourself first. Learn to take a break when you feel stressed. You can also get support from multivitamins, such as vitamin B supplements. And one of the best vitamin B supplements you can trust is Pharex B-Complex!

Vitamin B complex works by converting food into energy, thus helping us recover from stress-related fatigue. [7] Not just that; too much work on our plate can affect our nerves which could lead to pangangalay. Good thing Pharex B-Complex is here to give you one less glitch this back-to-school season! And you can have this for just 3.95 PHP SRP a day!


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