Send your Loved Ones the Gift of Good Health!

Despite enduring lockdown measures, there’s a great way to make your much-missed friends and family members feel loved: the care package! If anything, it’s a great and convenient way to show them that you care, delivered right to their doorstep.

With this in mind, send them thoughtful packages that will also prolong their presence in your life. Whenever you feel charitable, consider sending your far-flung family and friends the gift of good health!


Put a healthy spin on the gift basket.

Pre-packaged gift baskets may be a convenient gift idea, but they are definitely not the healthiest. So instead of grabbing a few from the supermarket shelf, take time to curate your own healthy basket with nutritious snacks and food items your loved ones are sure to enjoy.

Stuff your custom baskets with health-rich goodies like unsalted nuts, herbal teas, energy bars, dried food snacks, and even vitamin capsules. You can even add guilt-free treats like dark chocolate bars and matcha powder!


Make them sweat it out!

Help your friends keep their fitness resolutions in 2021 by encouraging them to get off the couch! Consider giving them gift certificates to their favorite fun and trendy exercise classes, such as rowingindoor cycling, or dance aerobics.

Alternatively, you can also give them items that will level up their home workouts. Gifts like a jump rope, a quality yoga mat, or cute athletic wear are sure to ignite their inner fitness freak.


Give the gift of wellness.

Remember: holistic health doesn’t end at the physical. It’s also important to take care of your mental health, as it affects your ability to relate to others and function properly each day.

For a change, you might want to send something that will encourage your loved ones to care for their mental health, such as a weighted blanket, a journal, an aromatherapy diffuser, or even a paid subscription to their favorite meditation app.


Send them some tender loving C!

Make sure to protect yourself and your loved ones from any threat to your health! Enter: Pharex Sodium Ascorbate Pharex’s non-acidic Vitamin C, that helps increase the body’s resistance from infectious diseases and protects the body from virus and bacteria at only P6.75 per capsule. What better way to show them that you really care?


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